The Kung Fu Master - 京城教一
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During the Ching Dynasty under the throne of Hong Hei, there was a `Kung Fu Contest`, once the sensation of the martial world. NGAU FEI (KWOK JING HUNG) represents the Manchu tribe while TAM TIN (YUEN WAH) represents the Han Tribe. The balance of power was destroyed when TIN was being set up during the competition. TIN lost in the contest. TIN`s father was so irritated that he died throwing up blood. Since then TIN is very depressed and pessimistic. He becomes a coward. In order to fulfil his father`s will, TIN establishes a King Fu House in the hope of searching for a successor. He has had two students. One is a cop in the capital MA BUT PING (NGAI CHUN KIT) and another one is an orphan, LAW HEI (TONG, MICHEAL). The two have had developed a very complicated triangle relationship with TIN`s younger sister, TAM SUET (NG MAN YAN). FEI is always very cautious of TIN. When he learned that TIN has had got successors, he immediately orders his good friend, PING, to assassinate TIN. PING is reluctant to hurt TIN. He then deliberately makes the case widely known so as to attract attention, particularly the Emperor`s attention. FEI sees that his plot is in vain, he then persecutes PING. FEI even discovers that HEI is a Manchu. He makes use of this to forces HEI to leave TIN. FEI gets to know a Han girl, CHU JAN NAM (LEUNG, JAY). FEI and NAM become lovers secretly. NAM breaks up relation with her father for FEI`s sake. NAM even helps FEI to assassinate his imperial enemies. Unfortunately, NAM is caught. In order to protect himself, FEI malignantly intends to ……

 清康熙年間,一場「拳傾天下」武術大賽上,代表滿人的鰲飛(郭政鴻飾)與代表漢人的譚天(元華飾)勢均力敵,惜譚天於比賽時遭人陷害而慘敗,其父氣憤過度吐血而死,譚天成眾矢之的,變得懦弱悲觀。為完成父之心願,譚天開辦武館尋找傳人,先後收京城捕快馬不平(魏駿傑飾)及孤兒羅喜(唐文龍飾)為徒。兩人後來更與譚天之妹譚雪(吳文忻飾)展開一段微妙的三角關係。 鰲飛一直對譚天有所顧忌,得知他已得傳人,遂命令好友不平暗殺譚天。不平不忍下手,故意將事情張揚,引起了康熙的關注。鰲飛見事敗,對不平多番加害,又揭發羅喜為滿人之身份,使其黯然離開譚天。鰲飛結識漢族女子朱震南(梁琤飾),兩人互生情愫,並發展一段地下情。震南為鰲飛不惜與父決裂,助其暗殺朝中敵人,惜事敗被擒,鰲飛為求自保,竟然痛下毒手。

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